Why ISD?
  • 1. Established under the aegis of leading UAV service provider, GarudaUAV.
  • 2. Hands on experience with real time situation on the field.
  • 3. Learn from experienced pilots.
  • 4. Experience through live projects.
  • 5. Training with CAD and GIS software to ensure better career prospects.
  • 6. Hardware, software and image processing training.
  • 7. Opportunity to get freelance work followed by absorption as a full time pilot.
About ISD

ISD is a unique knowledge based platform, developed by industry experts to propagate and densify the pool of expert UAV pilots. Supported by its parent company, GarudaUAV, ISD helps to prepare pilots for technical real time issues. ISD is crafted by experienced aerial experts to meet the growing demand of dexterous and agile pilots that are industry ready. ISD operated in accordance with stringent guidelines issued by FAA and DGCA.